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Gemma Schofield

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I'm Gemma and I created Generation Strength. I specialise in Posture and getting people strong. I have over 6 years coaching experience and I'm a certified Personal Trainer from England with a BSc in Nutrition and Physiology. I am also a certified Nutritional Advisor that is passionate about helping people fit healthy food choices into their lifestyle by teaching them a better way to eat and live. I believe that the fitness industry is broken. I believe we sell cardio and reduced-calorie diets to women and we sell 6-pack abs and useless muscle-building programs and supplements to men instead of teaching people how to really look and feel strong in their bodies. My main mission is to bring strength training to everyone, using science-based programming, posture assessments and correction, and essential nutritional knowledge, all whilst teaching you how to create good habits that actually stick.


  • BSc Human Movement and Nutrition
  • REPS UK Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • TRX Suspension Trainer


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